Impact2032 Highlight – Team EJP

Established in 2006, the University of Prescott, a paid waterworks apprenticeship, has evolved from a two-year to a one-year program, packed with a highly regulated schedule to ensure coverage in all areas (sales, operations, management, delivery, warehouse, yard, etc.). Apprentices are matched with a mentor who assists in adjusting to proper work etiquette, creating schedules,Continue reading “Impact2032 Highlight – Team EJP”

Impact2032 Highlight – Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter & Services

Winter is coming, and people all across Maine are rightly concerned about the number of unhoused people in our communities. Much of the conversation centers on housing, shelter beds, and warming centers. The truth is, there are far too few affordable rental units, and the demand for safe emergency housing far exceeds demand for it.Continue reading “Impact2032 Highlight – Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter & Services”

Impact2032 Highlight – Sexual Assault Crisis and Support Center

As a result of Impact2032, Sexual Assault Crisis & Support Center has made changes to support children and adult having the resources to participate in behaviors that promote health and wellness as well as the ability to achieve optimum health regardless of social or economic barriers. The Center incorporated healthy snacks options that meet aContinue reading “Impact2032 Highlight – Sexual Assault Crisis and Support Center”

Impact2032 Highlight – Regional School Unit #4

In a bid to foster stronger connections between home and school, Libby-Tozier School, a prekindergarten and kindergarten school in Regional School Unit #4 (RSU #4), hosted an exciting literacy event aimed at enhancing oral language skills in young learners. The event was set up to empower parents with the knowledge and tools they needed toContinue reading “Impact2032 Highlight – Regional School Unit #4”

Impact2032 Highlight – Maine Department of Corrections

  Over the past several years, the Maine Department of Corrections (MDOC) has made tremendous strides to improve the overall health and wellness for both staff and residents. To make this possible, the Department has undertaken a number of strategies to improve outcomes. MDOC is acutely aware of it’s responsibility to the people of theContinue reading “Impact2032 Highlight – Maine Department of Corrections”

Impact2032 Highlight – Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce

Inspired by Maine Development Foundation’s annual Measures of Growth Report, Mid-Maine Chamber (MMCC) decided to take a negative indicator and tackle it head on: fourth grade reading scores. MMCC recognizes that today’s students are tomorrow’s workforce and believes there is no such thing as “too young to start” when it comes to laying the foundation for literacy andContinue reading “Impact2032 Highlight – Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce”

Impact2032 Highlight – Goodwill Northern New England

At Goodwill Northern New England (NNE), health is a top priority. Over the last five years, the organization has taken a more holistic view of what health means to employees by taking the steps necessary to increase the knowledge of and access to physical and behavioral health care, including substance use recovery services. Two yearsContinue reading “Impact2032 Highlight – Goodwill Northern New England”

Impact2032 Highlight – Augusta School Department

School departments across the county are not only focusing on students’ academics, but also their social and emotional support and basic health and safety needs. The Augusta School Department is no exception — in fact, the Department is going above and beyond for its students in a variety of ways. Augusta schools have placed aContinue reading “Impact2032 Highlight – Augusta School Department”

Impact2032 Highlight – Spectrum Generations

Spectrum Generations is demonstratively committed to improving health care quality and access for the people of central Maine and beyond. Our mission is to promote and advance the well-being and independence of older and disabled adults, with the support of their care partners, to live in the community of their choice. As a leading providerContinue reading “Impact2032 Highlight – Spectrum Generations”

Impact2032 Highlight – Fedcap Maine

Fedcap Maine opened its doors in January of 2017 to administer the ASPIRE (Additional Support for People in Retraining and Employment) program for the State of Maine. The organization has one Opportunity Center in each county where it serves over 4,000 families and have helped over 10,000 participants gain employment statewide. Because of the naturalContinue reading “Impact2032 Highlight – Fedcap Maine”