About Impact2032

While Kennebec County is a great place to live, work and play, not everyone is doing well. Too many of our neighbors cannot afford their basic needs, too many of our youth are falling behind in school, and too many community members are dying early from preventable causes. That’s why 80+ community leaders are spearheading a broad effort to establish 10-year goals in health, education and financial stability under Kennebec County’s shared vision: Impact2032.

Impact2032 is not a program—it is a driving movement that unites community members to accelerate change. It is a deeply coordinated and collaborative effort, led by United Way of Kennebec Valley and driven by the Kennebec Valley Goal-Setting Council, which is comprised of community leaders from the business, nonprofit and government sectors.

Three expert panels developed county-wide visions, goals, measurements, and strategies using data and information collected through community surveys and conversations.

Ultimately, we aim to have hundreds of organizations and individuals take steps to support Impact2032. Click here to learn more about how to take action and create change in Kennebec County.

Our Visions

Goal One

Children and adults in Kennebec County will have opportunities to engage in healthy behaviors and leverage prevention and wellness services.

Goal Two

Children and families in Kennebec County will have access to quality early learning experiences prior to kindergarten.

Goal Three
Financial Stability

Adults and families in Kennebec County will have employment, income and resources to achieve financial stability.

Why Impact2032

There is plenty of good happening across Kennebec County, but we recognized that organizations aren’t always moving in the same direction toward the same goals. United Way of Kennebec Valley and its Board of Directors began researching and gauging public interest in a community-wide goal-setting initiative in early 2020. Dozens of early conversations with community leaders garnered support for this one-of-a-kind effort that aimed to unite businesses, nonprofits and government entities across Kennebec County under one shared vision for the first time.

In 2021, UWKV convened a Goal-Setting Council to establish measurable and achievable community-wide goals that will lead to long-lasting impact. Doing so will foster more focused and more informed work across the region. And sharing data and performance measures means stronger collective alignment. By 2032, Kennebec County will have achieved these 10-year community goals, and we’ll track our progress publicly every step of the way.


“By putting a regional focus on trends in health, education and financial stability—the primary building blocks for a good life—we can create a foundation for individual and community prosperity. If you remove any of those building blocks, the other two will topple—which is exactly why we all must work together.”

Chuck Hays, MaineGeneral Health
Impact2032 Co-chair

“For the business community, setting regional goals with measurable results is a sound investment in Kennebec Valley’s future. When we all work together to reduce poverty, we generate strong returns to society over time in the form of higher real Gross Domestic Product, reduced expenditures on health care, and improved quality of life.”

Katie Doherty, Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce
Impact2032 Co-chair
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