Impact2032 Highlight — Kennebec County District Attorney’s Office

Maeghan Maolney speaking at Impact2032 event
District Attorney Maeghan Maloney presenting at the Impact2032 Launch event in July 2022

The Kennebec County District Attorney’s Office has been supportive of Impact2032 since its initial launch in July 2022. At that event, District Attorney Maeghan Maloney shared that she had been working with local treatment providers to create a program, developed as a result of Impact2032, that would help get individuals struggling with substance use disorder into a safe environment — fostering recovery.

Maloney is no stranger to this type of work or level of community involvement — participating on several nonprofit boards focused on prevention efforts, developing partnerships with community resources, and creating alternatives to incarcerations for eligible defendants in order to decrease the likelihood of repeat offenders.

The Kennebec County DA’s Office is providing adults and youth the opportunity to engage in healthy behaviors and leverage prevention and wellness services by improving access to, and delivery of, physical and behavioral health care through alternatives to incarcerations, including but not limited to co-occurring treatment court, veteran’s court, restorative justice, and deferred disposition agreements. Eligible defendants participate in treatment services and/or volunteer work throughout the region — creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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