Impact2032 Highlight – Fedcap Maine

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Fedcap Maine opened its doors in January of 2017 to administer the ASPIRE (Additional Support for People in Retraining and Employment) program for the State of Maine. The organization has one Opportunity Center in each county where it serves over 4,000 families and have helped over 10,000 participants gain employment statewide. Because of the natural alignment with its overall mission, Fedcap is honored to be a part of United Way of Kennebec Valley’s Impact2032.

Fedcap employs a team of passionate and skilled professionals in the field of workforce development who are dedicated to supporting families and veterans throughout the state of Maine. Its collective expertise and experience enable the organization to generate innovative opportunities for these deserving groups, helping them to find purposeful employment and unlock their full potential.

Fedcap believes that everyone deserves a chance to succeed, and the organization is there to help make that happen. Whether working with a family or veteran in search of a brighter future, the organization is ready to be their guide on their journey.  The organization offers career readiness training, community referrals and support, job placement and retention, assessment, and education services. Fedcap has established a vast network of organizations, educators, and employers Statewide who contribute to the collective goal of helping those who aspire for a greater future.

Fedcap stays connected to the community through referrals and hiring events. It promotes career education through mentorship, industry specific job training, and Parents as Scholars (PaS) program that helps participants working through a two- or four-year degree program. It work closely with New Mainer families by helping them integrate and find opportunities to succeed. Fedcap’s program offers work supports like childcare, transportation, and clothing to assist the pursuit of career goals. FMI:

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