Impact2032 Highlight – Cheryl Flewelling with Raymond James

Cheryl Flewelling

Cheryl Flewelling with Raymond James not only offers the traditional services of a financial advisor, but she has also gone a step further with her clients by improving their knowledge of important steps to take in different emergency situations and educating them on ways to combat the negative effects of social isolation on physical and behavioral health.

To support her clients in emergency situations, Cheryl has offered “Heart Healthy Events” for her clients where she taught them how to identify cardiac and stroke warning signs and help someone in an emergency. They learned about the 4 C’s of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR): check for responsiveness, call 9-1-1, compressions, and connect to automated external defibrillator (ADE).

She also educated attendees about the acronym BE FAST used to help memorize the signs of a stroke: balance (loss of), eyes (blurred vision), face drooping, arm (weakness or numbness), speech (slurred), and time (quickly call 9-1-1). She also posts BE FAST flyers around the office.

In terms of social isolation, Cheryl provided a seminar in which she invited clients to think about three people in their lives: one they are going to dinner with (for health and food security reasons), one they are getting ice cream with (for social interactions), and one they would ask to change their lightbulb (for safety purposes). She worked with her clients to identify these three or more people in their lives to help maintain and/or improve their overall life.

Cheryl not only wants to support her clients in as many ways as possible, but she also understands the unavoidable intersection of health, education, and financial stability for individuals in our communities—you can’t affect one without impacting the other.

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