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There is plenty of good happening across Kennebec County, but we recognized that organizations aren’t always moving in the same direction toward the same goals. United Way of Kennebec Valley and its Board of Directors began researching and gauging public interest in a community-wide goal-setting initiative in early 2020. Dozens of early conversations with community leaders garnered support for this one-of-a-kind effort that aimed to unite businesses, nonprofits and government entities across Kennebec County under one shared vision for the first time.

In 2021, UWKV convened a Goal-Setting Council to establish measurable and achievable community-wide goals that will lead to long-lasting impact. Doing so will foster more focused and more informed work across the region. And sharing data and performance measures means stronger collective alignment. By 2032, Kennebec County will have achieved these 10-year community goals, and we’ll track our progress publicly every step of the way.

  • January 2021

    Goal-Setting Council established with members from the business, nonprofit and government sectors across Kennebec County

  • February 2021

  • Spring 2021

    • Conducted survey of community members who live, work and play in Kennebec County, gathering feedback from nearly 700 people
    • Hosted five community listening sessions throughout Kennebec County, hearing from an additional 60+ community members
  • June 2021

    Three expert panels focused on health, education and financial stability begin meeting regularly to review data and eventually recommend goals  

  • October 2021

  • Winter 2022

    Expert panels recommended and goal-setting council refined final visions, outcomes, measurements and strategies.

  • March – June 2022

    Marketing and outreach committee developed materials, identified early endorsers and prepared for launch.

  • July 2022

    Launch Impact2032 community-wide goals to the public

  • July – December 2022

    • Businesses, nonprofits, municipalities, schools and individuals will endorse Impact2032 by signing a Statement of Endorsement committing time and resources to support the 10-year goals in ways that align to their work.
    • UWKV will meet individually with endorsers to develop an Impact2032 Plan for their organization to advance Impact2032, specifically identifying practices already in place and developing new strategies that align with the project.
    • UWKV will convene an advisory council that oversees the initiative; three cabinets for health, education, and financial stability that monitor progress toward goals; and other committees as needed.
  • January – December 2023

    • Businesses, nonprofits, municipalities, schools and individuals will advance Impact2032 by implementing strategies to further progress and move toward visions.
  • Spring 2023

    • UWKV will convene a Spring Summit for each of the three categories to bring together those interested in and/or working toward achieving visions and outcomes outlined for health, education and financial stability.
  • December 2023

    • Businesses, nonprofits, municipalities, schools and individuals will evaluate Impact2032 by providing quantitative and qualitative feedback in an annual Impact2032 Report.
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